My name is Anita and I am a mum of two boys. I  have experience of teaching in nursery and primary schools throughout Kent.

Having seen children’s confidence knocked by overwhelming targets within the school system, I started teaching from home in 2010 on a one-to-one basis.

Time and time again I have observed that as children’s self-esteem and confidence grows, their desire to learn returns, allowing them to realise their potential.

I firmly believe each child is an individual and tailor my tutoring to match.

  • BEd (Hons) Education  - University of Brighton, 1995
  • Basic Maths Refresher – Stonebridge Associated College, 2011
  • Practical Solutions for Dyslexia – British Dyslexia Association, 2012
  • Dealing with Dyscalculia – British Dyslexia Association, 2012
  • Screening for Dyslexia – British Dyslexia Association, 2013
  • Spelling for Dyslexia – British Dyslexia Association, 2014

Literacy, Numeracy

Kent test (11+)

Visual Stress, Dyslexia

Dyslexic children and adults find it very difficult to access the written word, particularly in the traditional ‘black text on white background’ format adopted for most printed material. This can cause acute ‘visual stress’. It’s been estimated that the dyslexic brain has to work around four to five times as hard to process text when compared to a non-dyslexic. Imagine trying to read a block of text when the words keep shifting position, change size, re-order themselves and go blurred at whim – that’s what traditional books look like to a dyslexic person.

In children this can lead to behavioural problems as they are not able to understand why they can’t access text as easily as others. Schools are typically unequipped to detect or deal with the needs of dyslexic children. As a result children are frequently labelled as ‘stupid’ or ‘slow’ despite overall high intelligence. Given that most teaching and testing focuses around the written word (clearly you have to be able to read the question in order to answer it) dyslexic children are disadvantaged on all sides, unable to demonstrate the abilities they do have. Writing is also problematic.


Cost, Availability


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