My name is Anita Wagar, I live in Ashford, Kent and am married with two children and several animals. I am a qualified primary school teacher but teach at home rather than in schools.

I trained with SMART foundations as a mindfulness teacher for both adults and children.

I have found mindfulness incredibly useful in my own life, helping to live each moment without thoughts of the past or future crowding in. I enjoy meditating and seeking ways to encourage others to incorporate moments of peace into their own lives.

Time For You Too was started to introduce people to mindfulness and meditation and to support those already familiar with the ideas and practices.

Whether you’re new to mindfulness, or whether you’re looking for support after you’ve completed a formal course, Time For You Too, can help.

No matter how well-intentioned people are it can be very hard to continue using techniques on your own, so by meeting regularly we encourage each other in an informal atmosphere. You do not need to have any previous experience with mindfulness and meditation or completed any courses.

I provide a welcoming environment in my home in Ashford, Kent for people to meet, chat and explore emotions and feelings. We discuss how to put mindfulness practices into our daily lives. We also do a variety of meditations and have time for relaxation.

We have used a fire pit for burning thoughts and feelings that we have written down and wish to let go of. We also make time for mindful colouring, mindful eating, listening to calming music and have opportunities to just sit and learn to be instead of do.

Due to the current COVID situation all meetings are held in a Facebook room so we can still see each other, chat and offer support to one another.