Continuing our search into finding our purpose in life, we discovered a lovely Japanese word – ikigai. It literally means life’s purpose. It was discovered on one of the many islands in Japan, called Okinawa and there they boast one of the world’s highest numbers of people living into their 100s. They believe it is because they have a sense of ikigai or self-worth and purpose.

One interpretation of this encourages us to look at four areas: what I love to do, What I am good at, what the world needs and what I can be rewarded or paid for. By doing things that fulfil these four areas we will discover our ikigai and always have a sense of purpose.

It can be hard to recognise what we love to do and what we are good at and even harder to get paid for it but exploring these areas and trying to do more of what we enjoy, I feel, is important and leads to a better and happier life – isn’t that what we all want?

Find Your Calling.

This week we returned to the book we have been reading together, ‘Wake up to the joy of you’ by Agapi Stassinopoulis. We read chapter 32 – find your calling. This lead to us thinking about and discussing why we are here and trying to discover what our own purpose in life is.

This is not an easy question to answer nor one that can be answered quickly. It is something to ponder, to consider and we will be over the next few weeks. Agapi suggests thinking about things that bring you joy, what your life would look like if you used all your gifts and talents and how you could be more proactive in doing these things.

As I teach with all these situations and questions don’t get frustrated if you can’t answer them straight away. Think about them as you go about your day; you may become more aware of things you enjoy which will help you formulate answers and come to a conclusion about what your purpose is.

I look forward to exploring this together in our weekly sessions.  


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