I would like to take a minute to massively recommend Anita’s online TFY2 sessions – they’ve really helped me put my mindfulness learning into practice which has made a huge difference to the way I deal with things!

A couple of weeks ago I was having a really stressful time, a particular situation was going badly and my internal monologue started up ‘Why does everything have to be so difficult?!’ I noticed the thought and said to myself ‘Now, wait a minute! Not everything is difficult! It’s just this one thing that’s difficult.’ and the internal commentary (which would normally start fixating on why ‘everything’ is terrible) went into a stunned silence and didn’t mention it again! This is a first for me and the change is 100% because of these weekly sessions.

Thank you Anita Wagar

Gemma (October 2020)

“Mindful colouring is just one of the calming things I’ve learned to embrace from joining this awesome Time For You Too group.. I joined our Monday evening group just over a year ago and it has really helped me.

I’ve met lovely like minded people who care about and support each other. It’s opened doors to learning other crafts and enjoyment of new experiences like the sound Bath and mini retreats at the yurt this year.

Even when your days seem dark there is this light at the end of the tunnel and I’m very grateful to have this in my life. Thanks Anita…for all you do for us.”

– Kim (October 2020)

I love this group so much and look forward to meeting up every week. It has given me space to practice meditation and help in living my life more mindfully. I am going through some very difficult times at the moment and it has helped tremendously to know I am part of such a supportive group. There are so many challenges in life and this is a safe space to learn how to better cope with them.

-Laura (October 2020)

I would recommend the mindfulness sessions run by Anita.
I have been attending them for some time now and they have opened up a new way of dealing with various issues.
At the moment I am the only man in the group, but would suggest that other men give it a try.
It has helped me a lot and I don’t feel out of place and we are a friendly group.
Thank you Anita for hosting our sessions and I look forward to the next series.

– Jim (October 2020)


“Time for you too meditation and mindfulness has really helped me a lot since I started coming back in September 2018.

I have found the sessions and techniques I’ve learned to be a huge benefit to me, especially during tough times. When I have not been able to attend I have really missed it and couldn’t wait to go back.

It is such a kind, caring and lovely group to belong to and I am so happy I’ve made lots of new friends as a result. Anita, who runs the sessions, is so lovely and make me feel really welcome. The meditations she uses and writes herself are so easy to follow.

I am very glad that I have the opportunity to attend these sessions and can’t wait to come to more.”

– Aimee

Mindfulness and nature…