Tutoring is a much more personal way of teaching as I run it on a one-to-one basis. This means that each session is planned around the individual’s needs. As often happens, this plan is only an outline and I change it if the child needs different support during the session.

My main aim is to help restore children’s self-esteem and raise their confidence in their own ability rather than just teach facts – although there is some of this as well. Once children are confident and happy they will learn and be motivated to work and seek information for themselves rather than rely on being given it, essential skills for secondary school and life!

My lessons are based in my home creating a relaxed atmosphere, less classroom like. We sometimes use the garden too especially for creative writing and summer workshops.

I do set homework for children to do, preferably independently. This is a way that we can together see if they understand the work we have been doing or if we need to go over it again. I do not get cross if they have not completed the homework but I will explain why it was set. Tutoring is to help and support their learning and some skills need to be practiced, not only to ensure  they have fully understood what we have been looking at but also that they remember and apply that knowledge.

Homework is essential, however, for a child wishing to sit the Kent test or the Shepway test. A child who is reluctant to do what is takes to pass the test is unlikely to do well once they get to grammar school.

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