These sessions are held in our home in Ashford Kent on:

  • Monday evenings: 7.30-9 pm.
  • Thursday evenings: 8-9.30 pm (online only)
  • Friday afternoons: 1 – 2.30 pm.

We have informal sessions during which we discuss many issues facing us today and how mindfulness can help. We have time to try different meditations and mindfulness activities and encourage all to relax by doing some mindful colouring or other activities.

Books on Mindfulness…

We have made use of our fire pit too, helping to let go of emotions and thoughts that bother us and can hold us back.

Cost : £5 per person per session.

10% will go to a local community interest project, The March Wood Project, who support adults and young people with mental health issues in a local woodland rebuilding self-esteem and self-worth.

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