Anita Wagar

Hi my name is Anita Wagar, I live in Ashford, Kent and am married with children and several animals. I am a qualified primary school teacher but teach at home rather than in schools.

I recently trained with SMART foundations as a mindfulness teacher for both adults and children.

I have found mindfulness incredibly useful in my own life, helping to live each moment without thoughts of the past or future crowding in. I enjoy meditating and seeking ways to encourage others to incorporate moments of peace into their own lives.

Anita (left) and Abbey (right)

Abbey Oiller

Hi my name is Abbey Oiller, I live in Ashford, Kent. I am a private nanny and a cleaner as well as a fully qualified Mindfulness coach through SMART foundations for both adults and children.

Mindfulness has become a useful tool in everyday situations and has helped me to have a more positive outlook on life. I appreciate the effects that mindfulness has in my own life and hope that by being a coach I can help others to become more mindful too.