“Time for you too meditation and mindfulness has really helped me a lot since I started coming back in September 2018.

I have found the sessions and techniques I’ve learned to be a huge benefit to me, especially during tough times. When I have not been able to attend I have really missed it and couldn’t wait to go back.

It is such a kind, caring and lovely group to belong to and I am so happy I’ve made lots of new friends as a result. Anita and Abbey who run the sessions are so lovely and make me fell really welcome. The meditations they use and write themselves are so easy to follow.

I am very glad that I have the opportunity to attend these sessions and can’t wait to come to more.”

– Aimee


“My daughter suggested I might like to attend mindfulness sessions with her. It has taken a while to get used to meditation, relaxing and mindfulness.

Being a male in a mainly female group, it felt at first that I should not be doing this, but today, I find myself enjoying the weekly sessions and if I can’t go for some reason, I really miss it.

As a group we have settled in together and feel at ease. Mindfulness has helped me to get through some difficulties and not to dwell on negative thoughts but be more positive.

I can recommend this group, so give it a try!”

– Jim

Mindfulness and nature…

“In this group we find time to share ideas and experiences. We have discussions about many of our personal feelings and can share these in a safe space.

I find the mindfulness and meditation soothing and tranquil. It gives my mind time to be quiet. My time each week is a lovely retreat from the every day chatter in my mind.

I would thoroughly recommend.”

– Laura