What’s happening?

Each month there will be some structured time with meditations and mindful activities. There will also be time for yourself to explore the surrounding area, do some mindful colouring, forest bathing or just sit in the peace and quiet. It is time for you so that is what matters.

Saturday 18th April:

Saturday 16th May:

Saturday 20th June:

Saturday 11th July: Sound bath with Gail Duff – Experience the subtle, soft qualities of Himalayan bowls; the richness of gongs; the pure tones of crystal bowls and more!

Saturday 15th August: Discover the health benefits of just spending time in nature and make your own dream-catcher from scratch.

Saturday 19th September: Qi Gong with Karen Abbot – A form of Tai Chi

Saturday 17th October: Painting and relaxing!